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Altenergy is installing solar energy solutions in North Kansas City, Missouri.

This could be your solar moment!

Congratulations on making a smart choice to explore solar energy options for your home or business. Going solar adds to the value of your property, saves you money on energy for decades, and lowers dependency on fossil fuels. It’s easy with Altenergy. Our energy experts will visit your site and provide you with a free solar quote so you will know if solar energy is right for you.

Altenergy has branches in Idaho, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Kansas City, Missouri and our newest location Grand Rapids, MI. Each branch is staffed by local people who know the region and its neighbors. You’ll get the kind of service and attention you expect from a local company, with the resources of an industry leader.

When looking for a solar contractor, it makes sense to shop around. We’re confident you’ll find the Altenergy Team second to none. So, whether you choose Altenergy for your first quote, or your second quote, we’d like to be your last quote!


Events & Highlighted Projects

  • 5.5kW Solar Array in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Solar energy for commercial buildings in Kansas City, Missouri

    Businesses in Kansas City, MO are switching to solar energy, because solar energy is a reliable energy source.

    • Offsets high energy bills & Reduces operating costs
    • Proven IRR that often meets or exceeds investor requirements
    • Federal & State tax incentives
    • Immediate & Long-Term savings
    • Environmentally respondisble corporate image
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