7 Reasons to Make This Your Solar Moment

Solar power is smart, clean and green. Renewable energy will power the future. Best of all, solar has never been more affordable.

Still, switching over to solar energy isn’t an easy decision to make. It requires an upfront investment. You may not be familiar with all the federal, state and local rebates and incentives available. It may seem less appealing than other home improvement projects, and it can be difficult to know how to get started.

To better understand why a solar power system may make sense for you and your family, here are seven reasons why you and your family should consider making this your solar moment.

1. Protect the Environment.
Solar is a clean source of energy, and it doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses and other harmful emissions. When you install solar, you’re doing something great for your family – and the planet.

2. Put a Chill on Your Energy Bill.
Photovoltaic (PV) solar collectors convert sunlight (photons) into electricity (voltage), which is known as the PV effect. Most PV panels are assemblies of about 60 silicon solar cells. When struck with sunlight, silicon creates a direct-current electrical charge that’s fed to either a battery storage/backup system for later use or a device called an inverter that converts it into alternating current, which is used in your home. This charge displaces power normally supplied by the grid, reducing your electric bill. In some cases, it can spin your meter in reverse, accumulating a credit with the power company.

3. Stay Powered.
Your solar energy partner can get you connected to the grid so you don’t risk power outages at night. In addition, if your solar panels have a battery storage/backup system, you can store power for use in case of emergencies. In the evenings, you’ll use your power company credit to keep your home lit and comfortable.

4. Remain Ahead of the Curve.
Your solar energy partner should educate you about your energy needs, costs and usage patterns. Find a certified, trusted partner who helps you understand the financial side of solar and navigate all your options. They can help you make sure your system will pay for itself in as little as one-third of its service life.

5. Make the Most of Your Solar Investment.
Work with your solar energy partner to acquire tax credits, incentives, renewable energy credits and low-interest loans that will lower your initial investment, making “going solar” easier than ever.

6. Build Community.
Companies that offer community-based solar campaigns are often able to reduce homeowner costs when multiple families purchase solar together in a neighborhood. Every participant benefits from economy-of-scale savings while enjoying clean energy. (Added bonus: It’s a great way for neighbors to get to know one another and work together to protect the planet.)

7. Increase Your Property Value.
Your solar partner should educate you about finishes with a custom energy solution that maximizes your solar exposure while complimenting the aesthetics of your home. Further, superior solar design and professional installation will improve your home’s property value. In fact, according to The New York Times, Department of Energy research shows that buyers are willing to pay more for homes with rooftop solar panels. Because future homeowners continue to reap the benefits and savings, your system will be a selling point when you’re ready to move.

When you have an efficient, reliable solar energy system that performs, you can protect the environment, lower your energy costs, and take advantage of credits and incentives that make solar more affordable up front. Remember, the right system should pay for itself. A sound investment and many years to enjoy free power from the sun – that’s a bright future indeed. Become part of the solar revolution. Make this your solar moment.